Thursday, March 29, 2012

Latest Acquisition

A box set of 12 postcards will be available to guests when the new Cars Land opens in Disney California Adventure in June; not really 12 separate postcards but three postcards of four different designs.


Major Pepperidge said...

There must have been some research that showed that guests prefer postcards with Disney characters, in many cases with almost no hint that the card is from Disneyland (or in this case, DCA).

Cyberdillo said...

You would at least think since I purchased these at a Merchandise Preview event for the upcoming opening of Cars Land they would be Cars characters.

Anonymous said...

Cyberdillo...I just did a double take on your image. Could be a duplicate of my name tag with the service pins.. (1969-1978)

Ken S
Portland, OR

Cyberdillo said...

@ Anonymous; I was there from 1971 to 1977.

Anonymous said...

It's a small world after all. Adventureland/Frontierland Ops during that time.

Ken S.