Saturday, February 13, 2010

Disneyland Hotel

Just came back from the postcard show in Glendale, California. A dealer friend of mine had put an item aside for me and I was looking forward to picking it up. It's a small viewer from the Disneyland Hotel Camera shop.

It's approximately 2" long, 7/8" by 1" at the image end and 1/2" square at the viewer end. It has an orange card approximately 3" by 4-1/4" attached to it with a small chain. It is stamped "Disneyland Hotel Camera Shop" and someone has penciled "1962 Trip" on the front.

The back has a space for a return address, destination address and stamp box making it in my collection a postcard.

If anyone has never tried to take a picture through one of these things, let me tell you it's quite a challenge. What make this interesting is the view of the Hotel. The signage says "Hotel Disneyland" not "Disneyland Hotel". Also the building seems to be narrower.

I tried to match it up with an image of the Hotel from my collection and came up with this one. Although taken at a different angle, you can see the three palm trees to the left of the elevator shaft. I was thinking, maybe, a little pre-Photoshop manipulation to make it fit into the viewer? What do you think?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

French Postcards

Described by The Nickel Tour as the second rarest set of postcards, next to the Black and White series, this set depicts a scene from France with Disney characters superimposed on them.

Sold in Disneyland this twenty card set have fluted edges and measure approximately 4" x 6".

Not the typical French postcard you're used to hearing about.