Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Aquisition

Below, from my collection, are NT: 0595, "Send a Disneykin from Disneyland". The Nickel Tour states these are circa 1955, however; Disneykins.com claims they're from 1961. These are postcards with a plastic bubble that contained a Disneykin. Made by Marx, Disneykins were injection molded hard plastic representations of Disney characters and hand-painted by artists in British Hong Kong.

Below are three others I aquired the other day. Unlike the previous two, these do not say "Send a Disneykin from Disneyland" and have the 1961 Walt Disney Copyright in the lower right corner.

Also, you'll notice von Drake is sporting a purple coat and gray vest in the first image, a green coat and pink vest in the second and a blue coat and pink vest in the third; you know how I love variations.


Thufer said...

Oh my; those are so cool.

TokyoMagic! said...

WAAAAY cool!!!