Saturday, February 13, 2010

Disneyland Hotel

Just came back from the postcard show in Glendale, California. A dealer friend of mine had put an item aside for me and I was looking forward to picking it up. It's a small viewer from the Disneyland Hotel Camera shop.

It's approximately 2" long, 7/8" by 1" at the image end and 1/2" square at the viewer end. It has an orange card approximately 3" by 4-1/4" attached to it with a small chain. It is stamped "Disneyland Hotel Camera Shop" and someone has penciled "1962 Trip" on the front.

The back has a space for a return address, destination address and stamp box making it in my collection a postcard.

If anyone has never tried to take a picture through one of these things, let me tell you it's quite a challenge. What make this interesting is the view of the Hotel. The signage says "Hotel Disneyland" not "Disneyland Hotel". Also the building seems to be narrower.

I tried to match it up with an image of the Hotel from my collection and came up with this one. Although taken at a different angle, you can see the three palm trees to the left of the elevator shaft. I was thinking, maybe, a little pre-Photoshop manipulation to make it fit into the viewer? What do you think?


AmyR said...

There was a postcard show, and I missed it?! Sad!

This is a great find though, and such a good idea. I remember those little picture viewers from so many places when I was small. I think they should come back in style.

Major Pepperidge said...

Yeah, I go to the Glendale postcard shows all the time, how did I miss this one?? Anyway, neat item, I still don't have any of those little viewers; they tend to go for relatively big bucks.

Cyberdillo said...

Major; You're right, they are a little steep; that's why I now have one and don't plan on looking for any more, unless, I'm made an offer I just can't refuse.

stu29573 said...

No photoshop involved. The shot in the viewer is pre-expansion. The hotel was expanded (and the sign switched around) in 1966.

Cyberdillo said...

stu29573; Thanks for the info.

stu29573 said...

No problemo! :-) I'd love to have one of those viewers, though! You got a great find!

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