Thursday, November 12, 2009

Latest Aquisition 7

I just aquired Nickel Tour #0475, card J-15, Adventureland - Animals and now have the complete set of Panorama postcards.

There are 13 cards in this series measuring 3-1/2" by 11" and were produced in a folder as well.

Check out the updated site at


AmyR said...

Those postcards are great! Thanks for sharing so much fun stuff here. :)

Cyberdillo said...

AmyR; you're welcome. I just wish I could spend more time on my blog but my web page is taking center stage these days.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

I love this blog. Because I love DL postcards. Nice Job. Very much appreciated, Richard.

Cyberdillo said...

Viewliner; Thanks for the comment; I'm really going have to split my time between this blog and my web site and post more cards.