Saturday, October 31, 2009

Latest Aquisition 6

Sorry for not having anything Halloween related to report but I do have these interesting items. Last year I purchased a box of Disney paraphernilia at a postcard show. Inside was a felt pennant, measuring approximately 29" by 12", with a Disneyland 3-D postcard attached to it. It happens to be Nickel Tour #0609, card 1-517. Knowing this card was copyrighted in 1966 by Walt Disney Productions, I would assume the pennant came out that time or shortly after.

I was fortunate earlier this year to aquire another similar pennant. It also measures  approximately 29" by 12" with a Disneyland 3-D postcard attached to it. This one, however, happens to be Nickel Tour #0606, card 1-514. As with the card above, it too was copyrighted 1966 by Walt Disney Productions and also came out about that time or shortly after.

Knowing these two exist, I wonder if pennants with the other two 3-D cards are somewhere out there?


Major Pepperidge said...

I have a giant pinback button (or maybe it has an easel back, I forget) that has one of the 3-D cards laminated onto it - the one with Mickey aboard the Monorail.

These pennants are great, now you have to get the other two, they have to be out there!

Dad.. said...

Pennants!! I almost forgot they sold these! I have some in a box... somewhere...

Anonymous said...

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