Monday, December 8, 2008

Variations 1

In the previous post I mentioned I collect variations of the same card; here's a classic example found in The Nickel Tour. It's Nickel Tour 0231, card A-3, the Horse-Drawn Streetcar. In this view you'll notice the yellow 10 cent Fare sign to the driver's upper left.

The story goes that Walt Disney didn't like to advertise the cost of his attractions so in this view the text on the sign has been "yellowed" over.

The bright yellow sign stood out so much that they decided to darken it in so it wasn't so obvious.

And finally the sign was completely airbrushed over to match the background. You'll also notice four guests on the right edge of the Streetcar. The second guest now has a maroon shirt, the third guest a yellow shirt and the fourth guest red shorts.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I used to see big stacks of the version with the bright yellow square, those must be the most common. As for the dark green or black squares, those are definitely the most difficult to find!